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If you have been involved in the website market anytime in the last few years, you have probably heard of Flippa. They are at the top of the game when it comes to selling websites, domain names and other mobile apps. However, the numbers may not always be the most important thing.

Even though Flippa is the biggest platform for selling websites and apps, reviews suggest that they may not always be the best. Let us look at some alternatives to Flippa today to make the website selling market a bit more competitive.

Why Look for Alternatives?

Let us try to understand why you should be looking for alternatives. These reasons may not be enough to push you away from Flippa, but we still want to explain it.

Poor Data Protection

Even though Flippa has tried to keep the information for their buyers private, they needed to do more. In today’s day and age, hacking is really easy given how skilled hackers can be. This makes it risky for businessmen and women who may want to venture into buying a website.

Inefficiency in Quality

The search options provided by Flippa are provided by a third party, but you will see that the results often end up being of low quality. These such sites should show lower in the results section. The higher results should be popping up only if they have the quality. This can be a big issue for many users when they are looking for a website to buy.

Not Competent Enough

If you are familiar with Flippa, you probably know how dominant they are in their market. They have had not had healthy competition in years, and this has led to them becoming un-innovative. This is a big issue, as this is not expected from one of the best platforms in a particular field.

Alternatives to Flippa

Here are some alternatives to Flippa that we think are genuinely good. They are also healthily competitive with one another, leaving room for regular improvement. We will rank them according to our opinions on them, starting from best.


Digimark is a fantastic alternative for Flippa when you are looking for websites. They provide great quality websites and their search options are powered by data science. This means that if you are looking for a very specific website, it is likely that Digimark can provide you with a result accordingly.

They also have great customer care if you wish to start transacting with them. Most importantly, they sell the websites at a standard price, instead of pricing them absurdly. For starting your business online, you can buy your own niche turnkey website here from Digimark.


Sedo is an online platform that sells all kinds of domains. To get a website with an eye catching domain, look no further. They are the world’s only global domain market place. This does not only give you lucrative and affordable domains to buy, but to sell as well.

So if you are looking to sell your business domain off for a good price, it is very likely that you can do it at Sedo. The buyers and sellers are connected to one another, and this makes the whole process very easy. Sedo is popular amongst domain experts and the domain marketplace.

Website Broker

Website Broker is another platform great for selling websites. It was established in 1997 by a couple of attorneys. This means that they have had a total of nearly two and a half decades of experience in this field.

If you are looking to sell your business website for a standard or a premium price, website broker has got your back. Moreover, the systems and procedures are nothing complicated. Meaning, that you can simply log in to the website with your account and set your domain for sale.

Flippa Alternative

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In Summary

Flippa is the best platform for the website market. However, there are great alternatives like Digimark, Sedo and Website Broker. They provide a more competent field for selling and buying websites.

This also means that they are more likely to handle your data securely. Bigger platforms have less to lose with mishaps of this kind, but the smaller alternatives like Digimark will handle your data with the utmost care. If you want to buy your own website from Digimark, click here to start your purchase right away.

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