HostPapa Review (2021): Best Web Hosting for Beginners?

Looking for the perfect web hosting solution for your website? Continue reading this unbiased HostPapa review and get an extra discount now.

E-commerce businesses are highly dependent on their websites, social media and landing pages for running their business. These businesses have existence because of their websites and landing pages. 

Which is why it is essential that their websites are hosted by a high quality web hosting provider. Although there are lots of platforms on the internet that offer web hosting on their servers, it is hard to choose which one is the best choice for you. All these platforms offer such amazing benefits and advantages that you might get overwhelmed with all that you get. 

It is important to choose such a service provider that will meet your requirements and invest in them for your ecommerce website. The only issue is that there is a large of number of such service providers who claim themselves to be the best in the game. However, not all of these companies live up to that reputation. 

From the fact that you are reading this article, we are assuming that you are looking for a good web hosting service provider where you can host your website. Well, worry not, as we have brought to you an incredible web hosting service provider that is sure to be the solution to your web hosting problems. 

HostPapa is definitely one of the best in the game and is totally worth the hype. In this article, to give you a better idea about HostPapa, we are going to review all the features of the platform so you can decide if you should subscribe to them or not.

Let’s get into this review of HostPapa!

About HostPapa Hosting

About HostPapa Hosting

HostPapa, an independent web hosting company, is a bit different from most web hosting companies. HostPapa has committed to provide green hosting so they can offer maximum support for its users and promote more sustainable and environment friendly business practices.

HostPapa was founded in the year 2006 and set its feet in the web hosting market for the first time. The platform currently hosts over five hundred thousand websites on its shared server since then. Some sources believe that the number of websites hosted by HostPapa is about two hundred thousand but that does not really matter much. 

HostPapa is a website and domain hosting company that also sells domains, lets you build websites and obviously- hosts them. Unlike most web hosting companies that offer a separate server to each customer, HostPapa has a shared server. 

Users are required to use a common shared and virtual private server or VPS hosting. VPS hosting is pretty popular currently and is considered a safe form of hosting. Being a shared network, any problem gets solved pretty quickly. 

HostPapa is a perfect web hosting solution for users who do not require anything outrageous from their domain hosting provider.

You get pretty much everything you need from a good web hosting service, a pretty reasonable price for the features that you get. And along with the HostPapa coupon, it gets even cheaper. We will dive deeper into that in a bit. 

Now, let’s see what features HostPapa comes with and why they are so good. 

We recommend:

HostPapa for Fast Web Hosting

HostPapa is one of the most trusted name in hosting and offers quality hosting with great features at an affordable price.


HostPapa Review (Top Features)

1. Website Domain Hosting

Although it is kind of obvious, but we still need to state that HostPapa hosts website domains on their VPS. This server is encrypted and is completely safe. The VPS being shared, any big is fixed very quickly. And the server has pretty good uptime as well, which is why the hosting provided by HostPapa is considered so good. 

2. Website Builder

It is not exactly surprising that a web hosting company would have a website builder as well. HostPapa is not any different. They also have their very own website builder. While their website builder may not be top notch or be able to compete with WordPress, Wix, or SquareSpace, but it is not that bad either. 

The website editor is user friendly and comes with drag and drop elements features. The fixed gridline guides you through designing the site so you don’t insert elements in the wrong place and build a bad website.

The benefit of this is that the website builder is included in your subscription plans so you can build it and host it in HostPapa’s server, purchase the domain from them with an SSL certificate and publish the site from there. 

3. Email all in one Solution

HostPapa offers with a complete email marketing solution that is very impressive and effective at growing the traffic on your website by many folds. The subscriptions include a large number of emails that you can send to potential customers per day in order to grow your business. 

4. Website Backups

While you don’t get this feature in the cheaper plans, it is a feature of HostPapa and is undoubtedly amazing. Websites keep crashing from time to time. And one thing that a lot of users fear is that they might lose all the data on their sites.  

The data on your site can automatically be backed up to the HostPapa shared server so you can restore it all, in case something goes wrong on your website. The server backs up all the data once every day automatically. 

5. Website Security

HostPapa provides domains that are backed up SSL certificates. For anyone who does not know what an SSL certificate is for, it is a kind of certification given to a website that tells that the particular website is safe to visit and is run by a legitimate user and not a scammer/hacker. 

This is a very important for ecommerces that want to receive payment from customers on their website. People tend to steer away from sites whose safety and security are not backed by an SSL certificate. This results in less traffic and even less profit. 

This is why an SSL certification is so important. HostPapa provides an SSL certificate with all their domains in all their subscription plans. 

HostPapa Review: How Much Does It Cost?

HostPapa Pricing

1. Starter Plan

Right off the bat we have the Starter plan. This subscription plan used to cost $3.95 a month for the first three years, and then $7.99 every month for renewal. But thanks to the HostPapa coupon that CredBrands is providing, the payment becomes only 2.95 a month. 

CredBrands is offering a whopping 63% discount to all users, which is great news for those of you who want to save a few bucks. Renewal requires no extra fee, so this is basically all you continue paying thanks to this amazing coupon.

The starter plan offers you website space of 100 GB, a bandwidth that is unmetered, one free domain and website migration facilities. You also get to build your own simple website with a domain consisting of up to 3 pages. 

HostPapa can be integrated with WordPress, Wix and a bunch of other platforms. So if you want to purchase a domain from HostPapa and connect it to your WordPress website, that is possible too!

2. Business Plan

The Business plan, the most popular subscription plan among the three, is definitely worth the hype. Without any offer, it also costs $3.95 each month for the initial three years, and $12.99 per month at the time of renewal. 

But thanks to the HostPapa coupon given by CredBrands, you get a massive discount of 77% when subscribing to this plan. How cool is that? The discounted price is equal to the discounted price of the starter plan.

Which might make you wonder, “Why even subscribe to the Starter plan at all, when the Business plan costs the exact same but with better features?” 

While, the starter and the business plans are pretty much the same, the business plan provides two times the amount of CPU power and MySQL tools and recourses. You also get unlimited website space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, emails and domains. Using this plan, you can create, publish and run as many websites as you require.

We assume a person would want to subscribe to the starter plan instead of the business plan is if they feel like the features in the business plan are unnecessary for them and they won’t be using those anyways. 

Most customers are subscribing to the business plan as it offers way more features than the starter account, and they want to reap the benefits of said features. This 77% discount coupon provided by CredBrands is definitely a steal, and we highly recommend going for this plan! 

3. Business Pro Plan 

The Business Pro plan is the web hosting solution for bigger businesses that require large ecommerce tools. This plan used to cost $12.95 a month originally for the first three-year period, and $19.99 a month for renewal. 

Thanks to this HostPapa coupon by CredBrands, all you’ll pay is $11.95 a month, with no requirements of any additional renewal fee afterwards. You can save 40% of the subscription fee and enjoy far more benefits than the starter and business plan.

Some features of this amazing plan include, rocket fast premium servers, and no page limits on the website builder. This means you can build professional level website and host them on HostPapa. 

This subscription plan also includes a wildcard SSL certificate, the automatic website backup system, SiteLock malware detection, and domain privacy protection for ensuring the safety and security of your website(s). 

We recommend:

HostPapa for Fast Web Hosting

HostPapa is one of the most trusted name in hosting and offers quality hosting with great features at an affordable price.


Our Review on HostPapa

In our opinion, HostPapa is definitely a brilliant web hosting service provider. It offers everything you need from a web host. They also provide very safe domains that are SSL certified, included in the subscription plans, which are also very affordable. 

One thing great about HostPapa is that they are committed to providing green hosting so you know that they are not harming the environment with the power usage. 

"We purchase 'green energy tags' or certificates from a certified green energy supplier. That supplier calculates the total energy consumption of our operation and uses their suppliers of green energy to pump in 100% equivalent energy back into the power grid," the company claimed. 

The best thing about HostPapa is that the uptime record is very high on their servers. The average uptime record of sites on HostPapa servers is 99%, which is very impressive, knowing that it is quite impossible to have an uptime of 100%.

While maintaining maximum uptime, they also have high-speed loading time to make sure that you aren’t left hanging on the loading screen for 5 minutes. HostPapa servers ensure that pages on your website load within microseconds. 

There are a few things that we didn’t like about the platform. The automatic website backup is not available in the starter and business plans, and we feel like that’s an issue. On top of that, buying any add-ons is a nightmare as they cost a fortune for some reason. 

Special HostPapa Coupon

We have already talked about this, but we cannot stress it enough how big of a deal it is! CredBrands is offering all users a HostPapa coupon which gives you a discount of 63%, 77% and 40% respectively for the starter, business and business pro plans. 

Checkout the HostPapa coupon by CredBrands by clicking here. We highly recommend you try out the business plan which is offering a massive 77% discount. It is obviously the best deal, and currently the most popular one at that as well. Check it out now!

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