How to Get Approved for Affiliate Programs

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and still looking for a suitable affiliate program for yourself, then it’s only natural if you’re concerned about how you can get approved for affiliate programs. Getting approved for affiliate programs is easy, but there are some complications to this. It’s better to learn all about this process before you apply for approval. If you can manage to get all the things right, then you’ll get your approval without any worries. To make things easier for you, we’ll share all the steps that will help you get approved for affiliate programs in this article. So, let’s get started!

Get a Quality Domain and Activate Your Website

You won’t get approval for any affiliate program unless you activate your website. A lot of affiliate programs won’t approve you if your website doesn’t generate enough traffic at the time of application. 

Then again, you’ll need a top-level domain for getting approval from different affiliate programs. Some people use subdomains like and These are great for a personal blog, but not for affiliate marketing. So, you better step up your domain game and get one that people will trust. Otherwise, the chance of getting approval becomes lower. 

Design Your Website Appropriately

It doesn’t matter what the niche of your business is, you need to make your website attractive. Your website doesn’t have to be colorful or complicated for being cool. You need to research your competitor’s websites to see how the other website of that niche is. Once you have a clear idea about that, you need to design your website appropriately so that it’s capable of impressing the affiliate programs. 

One of the best ways of doing is this by using Premium WordPress Themes. There are tons of WordPress themes such as, Divi by Elegant Themes, that can help you create premium-looking websites for a reasonable price. 

Another good way of making your website look better is decluttering. Remove the unwanted and poor-performing ads on the sidebar of your website. Plus, make sure you have important legal notices such as Privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, About, Contact, etc. on your website. 

Create Quality Content

Creating content isn’t enough, as the internet is already over-saturated with content. What you need to do to stand out is create quality content that can add value to your website and the life of the readers. 

The best way of creating quality content is by taking a different approach than the competitors. The problem with most affiliate marketers is that they don’t focus much on the content, which is why they end up copywriting entire websites. 

While copywriting is viable, it’s important to keep unique content on your website as well. 

Apply for Programs that are Relevant to Your Business

The niche of your website must be relevant to the program you’re applying for, or you might not get approval. This is where market research comes in. Before creating a website, it’s important to focus on a niche and create the entire website revolving around that. 

When looking for a suitable niche, you should also consider the affiliate programs that are suitable for that niche and apply for those once you have a running website. 

This will help you prepare better and get approval as soon as possible. 

Use Domain Email Address

Using personal emails while applying for an affiliate program isn’t recommended, as this can create confusion. This is why we highly recommend using domain email addresses. Using these addresses linked to your business will help the affiliate programs determine who’s the real owner of the business easily. 

Provide Accurate Information

We can’t stress this enough, the information you provide will be cross-checked by the affiliate programs, so it’s important to make sure that you’re providing real information only. If you get caught providing fake information, then the affiliate program will ban you as well as your website, making it tougher for you to apply for another program as well. 

Final Words

While it’s not that tough to get approval for an affiliate program, what can make things easier is buying a website for a reasonable price. One of the best platforms for getting a well-crafted website is You’ll find fully functioning websites that already have a traffic inflow. These websites will help you get approval much easily. 

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