How to Get Approved for Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate is the most popular affiliate program that you can sign up for right now. If you think that becoming an Amazon Affiliate is easy, guess again. Amazon Affiliate membership comes with a lot of pre-requisites and a strict guideline that you must follow throughout the journey. If you fail to abide by any one of these, then you’ll simply be banned, and your account will be closed. To make your life easier, today we’ll discuss how to get approved for Amazon Affiliate. This won’t be easy but following our guide properly will save you from getting rejected. 

What is Amazon Affiliate?

To those who don’t know yet, Amazon Affiliate is an affiliate program. This program was designed to help affiliate marketers gather affiliate links that link to Amazon products. This allows the marketers to promote products that are being sold on their pages, and they can earn a decent commission from that. 

Unless you become an Amazon Affiliate member, then you won’t be able to promote the products on your website. Well, technically, you can always promote Amazon products on your website, but you won’t get paid for every purchase made unless you sign up for their program.


Becoming an Amazon Affiliate member is easier said than done. To apply for this post, you need to have some pre-requisites, and we’ll discuss them in this section. 

A Medium

The first thing that you need for applying is a medium. It can be either a website, an e-commerce store, a blog or even a YouTube account. It doesn’t matter which one it is from the list, as long as it’s active. If your website isn’t active, then you won’t be able to get yourself in. In fact, there are many who aren’t provided membership despite having a medium. This is where the second requirement comes in. 


You won’t be able to profit from the affiliate links unless you have access to traffic. So, you need to attract traffic to the medium you’ll be using to promote the products. If the medium is a website, then you’ll need organic or paid traffic. If it’s a YouTube channel, you need views and subscribers. 

Amazon will not only ask about the views you have on your medium, but it’ll also ask you about the methods through which you’re driving the traffic to your website. All of this information will be counted when providing you a membership. 

Create a Website

The easiest way of promoting Amazon products is through a website. This is why we highly recommend creating a website before you get started. A lot of people prefer YouTube but creating video content is a lot tougher than writing blogs. 

This is why we recommend creating a website where you can promote the links without any boundary.

How to Apply?

Once you have the pre-requisites checked, you need to apply for Amazon Associates. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the main page of Amazon Associates and click on the “Sign Up” button that you’ll find on the bottom.

  • Click on the “New Customer” button once you’re done signing up and logging into your account.

  • Provide the required details. We recommend providing the genuine details here, or you won’t be able to receive the payment, and you won’t be able to verify your account when necessary.

  • Once there, Amazon Associates will ask for a Shop ID. You can add the website you’re blogging on, the link to your YouTube channel, or the link to your Mobile App in which you want to promote the products.

  • Provide required information on how you’re going to attract traffic to your channel. 

  • Click on the “Call Me Now” button, receive the 4-digit pin from Amazon, and enter that pin on the pop-up window.

  • After that, you’re supposed to get a welcome message from Amazon.

  • Once you’re done with this, Amazon will ask you to provide your tax information. You can choose to do so right away or later on.

Final Words

As you can see, getting approved for Amazon Affiliate isn’t that tough after all! However, what’s tough is setting up the right website for yourself. If you don’t have a working website, you won’t be able to earn a penny even if you make it into Amazon Associates. 

This is why we recommend getting a page from They offer well-designed websites that you’ll be able to monetize as per your wish. This can save you a lot of time too!

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