How to Make Money with Turnkey Websites

Making money using affiliate links and advertisements is nothing new in today’s online businesses. If you are familiar with turnkey websites, you know how they work. For those of you who do not, these are basically websites that were previously owned by other businesses, and have been passed over to other bodies.

So how do you think such a website generates revenue? Well, it is rather complicated. This will be what we try to explain in brief, answering the question: How to make money with a turnkey website?

Some Common ways to generate revenue online

Here are just a few of the ways you can earn money online without having to do much research or work.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways you can make money from a turnkey website. Firstly, you have to sign up as one of the affiliate partners of the main program. You will get the code on whatever products are selected. If a sale ends up occurring thanks to the links you have provided, you are the one who earns a commission.

Brands like Amazon and eBay have promoted and advertised their brands, which have created a tremendous amount of trust with the audience. The job becomes much easier when the affiliate links lead to the websites of the likes of Amazon or eBay.

Affiliate programs are handled greatly in the websites sold by


The name pretty much says what this is. The more clicks you get on any ad or link, the more traffic is generated. More the traffic, the higher the likeliness of you getting paid in larger amounts. It will not create heavier sums of money like in case of affiliate marketing, but its still something that works wonders in 2021.

Clicks still sell quite well, as all you need do to generate some money is to get people to click on it.

Sponsored Panels/Posts

A sponsored post is one that you will promote on your platform, because someone else is paying you to do so. This will look like it is a guest post on your website, but is actually just another advertisement. If you have a larger audience, the pay against this will end up being larger.

You will be signing a contract with the sponsors for this before the idea is implemented. This is done in order to avoid any conflicts after the posts are on your website.

Making Money with Turnkey Websites

All the points mentioned above do apply for a turnkey website. There are some additional benefits that you can receive with a turnkey site than any other website. For example, in most of the cases, you do not have to look for new ways to generate money on the turnkey.

A turnkey website will most likely already have working ways for generating some money. You can choose to add on these methods if you wish to do so later on. has some great websites for sale if you want a turnkey website right away. You can find out more about them here.

Turnkey Websites

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Is making money from Turnkey Websites Easy?

This is a very divisive topic. In most cases, it is quite convenient to get a turnkey website as it will already have working ways to make money. However, with a market that advances as rapidly as ours, it is hard to say. Let us talk about why that is.

Affiliate Programs

Yes, your turnkey website might be assigned with an affiliate program. However, you still need to check if they are still active with this program or not. If not, you have to make a lot of changes to the turnkey website.


Just like the previous point, you have to make sure that the sponsorship on posts is still valid. In case of invalidity, you have to look for a new sponsor to fill up that gap. This can be time consuming if you want to start your business right away.

In Summary

To conclude, making money from a turnkey website is convenient, but it may not always be easy. The steps involved to get a turnkey website will require you a significant amount of sum. Once you do get it, it is likely that you can start generating revenue at a slow pace.

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