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  • Niche: Photography
  • Articles: 27 articles published (94,000+ words)
  • DA: 24
  • DR: 3.5
  • Age: 6 months
  • Monetization: Amazon Affiliate
  • Primary Traffic Source: Organic

Revenue Proof:

Photo777 Earning Proof is an affiliate website started in October 2020 that reviews photography gears (cameras, SD cards, stands, etc.) and shares informational tips for passionate photographers.

With a total of 27 articles published (94,000+ words), the site has managed to grow exponentially in such a short time span. The growth is stable in terms of both traffic and earnings which makes this website a perfect passive income opportunity.

This website is a great long-term investment as it benefits from solid domain metrics, amazing content, and links from some great websites. It just requires some more time to see the growth.

Moreover, it’s a business model that:

  1. Requires very little amount of work to be done (less than an hour a day)
  2. It is simple for anyone to do without the technical requirement or previous experience
  3. Plenty of opportunities to grow the business further

This business currently makes money from the Amazon Associate program.

Key Features:

  • Evergreen and popular niche
  • Targets low competition keywords
  • It has 27 high-quality articles published
  • Requires very low amount of work to manage the website
  • Passive income
  • Great longterm investment
  • Impressive domain metrics
  • No tech skill required

Opportunities to Grow This Website:

  • Add more quality articles and become an authority in the niche
  • The domain is very powerful and just needs some more time to rank
  • Introduce more income streams (AdSense, ebooks, courses, other affiliate programs, etc.)
  • Focus on other traffic sources (social media, forums, other search engines, etc.)

Sale Includes:

  • Domain
  • Website files
  • Help with website and domain migration
  • 3 months free web hosting
  • After-sales support (email and Skype)
  • Advice on how to grow the site further

Add-on Services:

Want a completely hands-free approach to growing your website, we offer these amazing services that you can outsource.

  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Webdesign
  • Website management

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