Scala Hosting Review (2021): How Good Is This?

With everyone setting their foot into 2021, it is becoming more and more prominent that most of our lives are becoming online based. Especially businesses, that used to be completely offline, are switching to online now. 

The need for websites are arising now more than ever, and it is ever growing! For this online website builders are getting a lot of attention, as most people have little to no knowledge about coding a website. 

But just building a website is not enough; it never is. Hosting that website can be a hassle at times, as most web hosting providers don’t meet all the requirements of the users. They are either very expensive and offer pretty much everything, or are affordable and don’t meet certain requirements. 

This is a problem that needs to be solved. Assuming that you are someone who is looking for the solution to this and you are reading this article to fins that solution, you are definitely not in the wrong place. 

One of the best web hosting solutions is undoubtedly Scala Hosting, and to show you exactly why we think Scala is one of the best in the game, we are going to be reviewing this amazing platform in this article.

So if you are interested in learning more about this web hosting provider, its features and the pricing plans, be sure to stick with us till the end of this article.

About Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting Review

Scala Hosting is a web hosting provider that has been around for well over 13 years and definitely know what they are doing. They have over fifty thousand customers and well over seven hundred thousand websites hosted on their servers. 

Their main goal is satisfy their customers by providing high performance, ultra-secure and low cost VPS. Yes, they provide a personal VPS for each website owner with lots of storage and impressive speed. 

Scala Hosting is now worldwide popular and have a reputation of being one of the leading web hosting companies. A company does not reach on top for no reason, so they must be providing high quality service. And they indeed are!

They have an all-in-one solution for web hosting and make sure that their customers are receiving world class support. So, on top of offering incredible technology for web hosting, they ensure the maximum satisfaction of their customers in all sorts of ways. 

Scala Hosting features a number of amazing tools and services. Let’s take a closer look into these features to give you a better idea of what you would be signing yourself up for. 

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Scala for Fast Web Hosting

Scala Hosting is a hidden gym in the world of hosting. It offers great quality, perfect uptime, and unmatched support at an affordable price.

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Scala Hosting Review: Top Features

1. Cloud VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is the future! Many web host providers are now offering a VPS for their users, and so is Scala Hosting. Scala Hosting offers you a personal VPS for your websites with large SSD storage and super-fast RAM to ensure that your website runs smoothly and you can store as much information as you need. 

All your website data gets backed up into this VPS and you can rest assured that it will be safe and secure. The reason we can tell it will remain secure in the VPS is because they offer free domains with SSL certificates to back up your website. 

And the best part about these plans is that, they are all actually pretty affordable. You get cloud based VPS hosting for a pretty reasonable price and we think that is just amazing!

2. SPanel Control Panel

Control Panel (cPanel) is one of the most important elements of a good web hosting provider. But unlike most web host that you will come across on the internet, Scala Hosting does not use the cPanel control panel system. They have their own in-house control panel called the SPanel which is undoubtedly 10 times better than cPanel. 

If you are familiar with cPanel, you might be thinking why use SPanel instead of cPanel; why is it better? There is actually a number of reason it is a far better option than cPanel. 

The interface of SPanel way more user friendly and it was designed specifically for cloud VPS hosting. The management modules are very organized and easy to operate, so you don’t have to worry about confusing menus and buttons. 

cPanel control panels have various hidden charges and the costs of add-ons is pretty high. This is why SPanel is so much better than cPanel!

The best part is that it is completely free with all the add-ons you need. The SPanel is included in your Scala Hosting subscription and you get 24/7/365 management support from the customer support team for it. 

To give you a better comparison of how much better SPanel is compared to your regular cPanel, take a look at this table:




Control Panel



Advanced Cyber security SShield



Cloud Recources Manager SCloud



Faster Web Server OpenLiteSpeed



Daily Backups SBackup



SWordPress Manager



24/7/365 Fully Managed Service









For about $10 only you get all the features you would get on a cPanel with add-ons for $84 a month. That is a MASSIVE save and definitely a bang for your buck!

3. Automatic Backups

Websites tend to crash rather frequently, and definitely more than you would expect. At such, automatic backup is certainly an extremely important feature to have in a web hosting service. And this is why we love Scala Hosting so much!

One of the most important things you would expect from your web hosting service provider is the automatic backups on their servers. While there are a bunch of platforms that do offer automatic backups, this feature is generally available only in the high priced subscription plans. 

However, that is not the case with Scala Hosting. Scala Hosting offers free automatic backups on their servers for each and every hosting plan they have! On top of that, these automatic backups take place every single day, so you don’t have to worry about the data on your website being lost. 

We know how much the data on your site means to you, so we checked if the Scala hosting makes sure to keep the data backed up in their server or not. 

So in case you ever face a crash on your site or if it gets hit by viruses or any malware, you can surely depend on Scala Hosting to keep your data safe, secured and backed up for restoring at any time. And since these backups occur daily, any important information of a particular day will not go “unbacked up”. Scala has got your back!

4. Free Website Migrations

A lot of times users have existing websites that they want to transfer from one host to another. There are many web hosting providers that charge extra money for this purpose, but not Scala Hosting. This is another one of the reasons we like this platform so much, they don’t charge additional fees for website migration.

At Scala Hosting, you get unlimited free website migrations, where the Scala team will manually transfer all your existing sites and data associated with those sites from your old web host to your new Scala VPS. All you have to do is provide your login information for your old host and Scala will take care of the rest. 

Most other web hosts, if they provide free migrations, require you to do the transfers yourself. This process can be very complex at times and pretty confusing most of the times. It’s either this, or they will do it for you, but charge extra money for the migration. See why Scala is better?

Scala does not charge anything for migration and does all the transfer work for you, so you can just sit back, relax and see your website be migrated from your old host to your Scala server.

We recommend:

Scala for Fast Web Hosting

Scala Hosting is a hidden gym in the world of hosting. It offers great quality, perfect uptime, and unmatched support at an affordable price.

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Scala Hosting Pricing Plans

1. Start

‘Start’ing with the first plan we have the subscription plan that costs $9.95/month. In case you missed the pun at the start, the name of this plan happens to be the Start plan. 

In this subscription plan you get everything you need from a good web hosting service. The features that are included in all the subscription plan are:

  • SPanel Control Panel
  • Daily Remote Backups
  • Free Snapshots
  • Fully Managed
  • Free Migration
  • SShield Security Protection
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Better Google Rankings

So, when you subscribe to the Start plan, you get all of the above and 1 CPU Core with a 2 GB RAM and 20 GB of SSD storage.  

2. Advance

The second subscription plan from Scala Hosting is called the Advance plan. You get all that we just mentioned in the Start plan but with 2 CPU Cores, a 4 GB RAM and 30 GB of SSD storage. This plan will cost you $21.95 per month. 

3. Business

The Business plan is also a pretty good option if you can afford it each month. We recommend this plan for start-ups that are generating enough revenue to pay for a decent hosting plan. In this hosting plan you get 4 CPU Cores, 6 GB of RAM and 50 GB of SSD cloud storage. And you pay $41.95/month for this plan.

4. Enterprise 

This one is for the big businesses that can pay over $60 for a web host. You get 6 CPU Cores, an 8 GB RAM and an 80 GB SSD for $63.95/month on this plan. 

5. Custom

Did you know you could also customize your plan for more CPU, RAM and storage? You can choose any number you want from their site and pay for what you enjoy. The highest you can choose is 24 CPU cores, 128 GB RAM, and 2000 GB SSD on your server. The price of this plan would be $797.95/month. 

Scala Hosting Review: Our Final Take

Scala hosting is undoubtedly one of the best web hosts in the game. While it offers everything most hosts provide, the things that set is apart from the rest is its uptime and SPanel. 

These are two things that we really liked about this platform. The uptime is always near 100%. The overall performance and speed is very impressive, especially for the price that you are getting it. 

On the other hand, the SPanel, as we mentioned, is better than the regular cPanel used by other web hosts. It charges nothing extra for a lot of features that are outrageously expensive on cPanel systems. 

Another good thing about Scala is that their VPSs are highly secured and they provide SSL certificates for your sites. 

But it’s not always roses and butterflies. Scala does have some cons as well. Scala Hosting only has a limited number of server locations. So, if you are someone living in Asia or Africa, this may be a bit concerning for you. 

On the other hand, some fees increase on renewal (not all). This is important if you are trying to save money. 

Other than these, we believe that Scala Hosting is indeed an amazing option for web hosting.

We recommend:

Scala for Fast Web Hosting

Scala Hosting is a hidden gym in the world of hosting. It offers great quality, perfect uptime, and unmatched support at an affordable price.

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  • Great Uptime
  • Secure hosting
  • Free website migration
  • SPanel
  • Amazing customer support
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Free automatic daily backups


  • Servers not available in all parts of the world
  • Renewal fees for some plans are expensive

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Final Words

So, what are your thoughts on Scala Hosting? Would you use its services for hosting your website and keeping your data on their cloud storage? We definitely recommend it to you, as the pros outweigh the cons. Check out Scala Hosting and be sure to use the Scala Hosting Coupon for 33% off on your first year. Have a nice day!

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