What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an income process where a third party gets to promote products from the manufacturers or another platform known as an affiliate program. The products that are promoted in an affiliate marketing business are referred to as affiliate products. In an affiliate marketing business, the marketer has to create an affiliate website or any other channel where he will post the affiliate links. The marketer will earn commissions on each purchase made through that link. This is where the concept of high ticket affiliate marketing comes in. We will help you to know what is High Ticket affiliate marketing in this article!

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – What is It?

High ticket affiliate marketing programs are those that provide higher commissions for each sale. For example, Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate programs out there, and it offers different commissions on different products. 

From Amazon, you can get products that will provide you a mere 1$ commission, and luxury products that’ll provide up to 10% commissions. There are other high ticket affiliate programs out there, and one of the major examples of this is Keap. 

Through Keap, an affiliate marketer can promote sales software, CRM, or even marketing automation. If anyone signs up to Keep using any of your affiliate links, then you’ll get up to $250 of commission. 

As you can see, high ticket affiliate marketing can provide great EPC, and they are widely used for boosting the profits of affiliate marketing businesses. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use high ticket affiliate programs to maximize your profit. 

Understanding the Basics of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

It’s not easy to profit from high ticket affiliate marketing, otherwise, most people would’ve resorted to this method only. There are certain basics that you need to learn for doing high ticket affiliate marketing, and we’ll discuss those in this article. 

Physical Product Commissions:

In this method, the affiliate program uses the marketers to promote physical products. While there are a lot of high ticket programs that follow this method, most of them don’t. 


In the case of CPA, the commissions are provided based on the actions taken by the traffic. For example, generating leads, clicking on an Ad, etc. fall under this category. The commissions are usually very small in this category. 

Monthly Recurring Commissions:

This model refers to the purchases of subscription-based packages. For example, if someone subscribes to a specific tool or website using your affiliate link, then you’ll keep on earning for months or even years. These are often high ticket affiliate marketing.

High Ticket:

High Ticket affiliate marketing is the type of model where the commissions are much higher than the rest of the types, but the products are usually very niched. For example, if you’re selling enterprise software or courses, then they can be high tickets. The sales generated won’t be that high, but the commissions will make up for that. 

Ways of Profiting from High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of ways of profiting from high ticket affiliate marketing, and we’ll go through those in this section. So, let’s start. 

Recurring Commissions:

The best thing about this affiliate marketing is some of them can offer recurring commissions, especially when it comes to subscription-based sales. If you’ve made a subscription-based sale, then the customer might keep on using the subscription for years to come. In such cases, you’ll be able to earn a high commission every month. 

Second-tier Commissions:

Second-tier commissions are the ones where you don’t promote a product yourself, rather you refer to other affiliates that are promoting the product. Surprisingly, these affiliate links can earn you hefty commissions. 

Other Opportunities:

When you generate a sale from a customer, that customer will likely buy another thing. The best way of generating more sales from such a customer is by sending offers through emails. Doing so will remind the customer of your business and increases the chance of purchasing something through your affiliate links. 

The Trick of Maximizing Profit:

It’s not wise to rely on high-end affiliate marketing only, as the chances of generating sales through this method are slower than regular affiliate marketing. This is why we highly recommend combining low commission products with high commission ones. This will help you retain a balance in your business and will help you earn more. 

Final Words:

High ticket affiliate marketing can help you earn a lot, but it’s important to balance with low-commission affiliate links too. Otherwise, you might not be able to make a profit out of your business. If you haven’t created a website yet, you can take a look at the catalog on mydigimark.com. They’re offering the best websites that you can buy right now. 

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