Where to Buy Established Turnkey Websites for Sale

Right now, websites are one of the most essential aspects of running a business. You know that reaching out to the world is much more difficult without having your own website. However, how do you buy established turnkey websites?

You can always have someone develop it for you. Hundreds of developers and firms just do client requested websites and make money from this solely. It is a struggle today however to make money after getting your own website.

People today therefore tend to use ready-made turnkey websites. Today, this is what we will be covering. Where can you buy established turnkey websites?

Advantages of Buying Established Turnkey Websites

There are some great advantages that come with buying an established turnkey website instead of making one from scratch. You will be saving time, money and a lot of effort.


A lot of time will be spent on development if you make a website from scratch. If you are familiar with the web technologies needed for making websites, you know it can be a slow process. Even for a professional, there are a lot of details they must be provided with before they can make you your website.


Developers will charge you a standard amount for making your Turnkey Website. However, turnkey websites provide you with accessibility to earning money just as soon as you buy it. Be assured that there is no guarantee of revenue though.


A turnkey website will be able to provide you with the proper facilities to setup your incomes. It will have ad space, advertisements or pop ups for generating revenue. This saves you a lot of effort of setting these features up.

Where to Buy an Established Turnkey Website?

Although there are quite a few platforms that can provide you with service, be very cautious. Plenty are parts of or involved with scams, where they will market to you selling a website, but in return not really give you anything in return.


Since it is hard to come across turnkey website sellers, we recommend you to check out Digimark for this. They provide you with readymade turnkey niche websites for generating revenue. They also sell you affiliate websites. They are our top pick for this.


Flippa is another great alternative for this. They also sell turnkey websites that have stood the test of time. Since 2009, they have done a good job of acquiring and selling many websites that have needed change in ownership to survive.

Human Proof Designs

The name may seem strange at first, but human proof designs is another online business seller. Just like Digimark and Flippa, they also market themselves so that business sellers who are going out are willing to sell it to them.

How you can make money from Turnkey Websites

To make money from your recently bought turnkey website, you will need to prepare. Basically, you can make money from affiliate products which can give you high ticket, turn their sales higher or selling subscriptions. The traffic being generated at your website will also factor in to the amount of money that will be made.

Generally speaking, you can focus on the adverts that convert more money at first. Steadily and readily, you can open your turnkey website up for less profitable options. This is to ultimately increase your overall profitability and revenue.

To understand in more detail, you can watch this video to get a brief explanation.

Is a Turnkey Website worth it?

With the current business structures of the world, turnkey has proven to be a great source of revenue for many. This is because in today’s world, it is very difficult to make a profitable platform from scratch.

Therefore, instead of doing such, turnkey’s alternative proves to be great. Instead of doing this from scratch, turnkey lets you generate revenue without having to do it from the very start.

buy established turnkey websites

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In Summary

There are many places where you can buy established turnkey websites, but there are only a few you can trust. Digimark is a great way to start trying this out if you are willing to.

We hope we have been able to explain where you can buy established turnkey websites from. If any of the platforms mentioned we have mentioned have peaked your interest, consider trying out a turnkey website today.

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